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About Us

CompViz Tech creates and delivers solutions that significantly reduces time taken for works which are otherwise not at all feasible, but also greatly reduces risk to workman life. Our solutions uses new age technologies to perform tasks that are traditionally very cumbersome, dangerous and involves significant risk, time and cost. As new age digital technologies are emerging, we are constantly exploring ways these technologies can add real value to our customers, we are providing our customers end to end solution of digitizing inspection, verification and validation of their existing infrastructure. Our AI based software provides features that are most of the time slipped out while performing the same verification via bare eyes.

This is where we belong -
Strive to reinvent.


CompViz Technologies is dedicated to provide solutions using new age technologies like Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Geospatial services etc. We help our customers to incorporate these solutions to reap absolute benefit.



To deliver innovative solutions and attain simplicity of work in GeoSpatial space.

See things made simpler through intelligence and Automation

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